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Tribhuvan University are the official partners of Indreni College

Tribhuvan University (T.U.) is the pioneer university in the country, where, in 1961 only 5143 students were enrolled where as in 2002/03; the number has increased to about 213412 students. It alone has about 170700 students (T.U, 2006/07) in its 60 constituent campuses and about 86457 in the 413 affiliated private campuses.

Set up in 1959, Tribhuvan University (TU), a pioneering institution of higher education in Nepal. It is situated in Kirtipur, a small ancient town located five kilometers away from downtown Kathmandu. Following the recent second democratic movement, Prime Minister of Nepal is the Chancellor of the University while Minister of Education is the Pro-Chancellor. The Vice Chancellor is the principal executive of the university. He is assisted by Rector in academic programs and Registrar in financial management and general administration.

Tribhuvan University has 7950 teaching faculty members and 7122 non-teaching staff including support staff in its constituent campuses.The number of total staff is 15072.Since its inception, the state-owned university has expanded its programmes. There are five technical institutes and four general faculties. The university offers 115 courses for the technical proficiency certificate level. TU offers 1079 courses at Bachelor's level and 1000 courses at Master's level. It offers Ph.D. degrees in the technical institutes and faculties.