Indreni College prepares the students for fast developing IT/Software industry. Indreni College recognizes that students coming to study at Indreni College come from varied backgrounds. To enable them to familiarize with the course, the college conducts orientation classes which help students feel at ease with the content of the curriculum taught. This will also ease them to develop rapport with their peers and classmates.

The college understands the need of twenty-first century organizations’ needs and prepares its graduates who are capable of addressing needs of the industry. The college engages students in different project works and assignments which help them possess the appropriate combination of knowledge and practical skills. Further, the college provides enough exposure to its students so that they gain industry relevant experience and hands-on exposure to current and emerging technology. 

Moreover, interactive lectures, personalized teaching and monitoring students’ progress through well designed assignments and assessments ensure that all students achieve the specified outcomes. In fact, the role of the faculty at Indreni thus is more of a mentor, facilitator.

Definitely, students will have access to fully equipped and specialized computer laboratories right from the beginning of your course. Also, the college maintains strong industry links through research and educational program, so our students have the opportunity to be involved in the industry projects, internships.

Most importantly, Indreni College puts all its efforts to produce graduates who are multi-skilled, multi-tasked and good human who will be well-rounded IT professionals with significant exposure to a diverse range of IT practices and possess the ability to meet the future needs of this ever-evolving and fast moving industry.