Message From Principal

Some word from the Respected Principal of Indreni College

Mr. Dhruba Babu Joshi


Welcome to Indreni College. As the principal of the college, I am proud to introduce you to the outstanding academic program and ctivities that truly make us an IT College. The college is committed to build a vital foundation for studying computing and IT. We connect students to the innovative world of IT and computing through modern classroom and practical lab experiences and through innovative educational approaches. Our program is supported by experienced and innovative faculty members, staff and management team who bring their knowledge and expertise. They mentor students in independent projects, guide on their study and help explore subject in depth while exposing students to the challenging world outside. The college offers educational and professional opportunities for students in which they develop in the fields of their interest and prepare to face the next generation of IT and computing.

If you want a career that gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology with employment opportunities in just about every industry, BSc. CSIT at Indreni College is the best place to start. Thus, I take this opportunity to invite you to visit the college, meet our staff, learn about us and be a member of the college.

Best Regards