Bsc.Csit Syllabus

Syllabus of Bsc.CSIT program mentioned by Tribhuwan University (T.U)

First Semester

  • CSC109 Introduction to Information Technology
  • CSC110 C Programming
  • CSC111 Digital Logic
  • MTH112 Mathematics I
  • PHY113 Physics

Second Semester

  • CSC160 Discrete Structure
  • CSC161 Object Oriented Programming
  • CSC162 Microprocessor
  • MTH163 Mathematics II
  • STA164 Statistics I

Third Semester

  • CSC206 Data Structure and Algorithms
  • CSC207 Numerical Method
  • CSC208 Computer Architecture
  • CSC209 Computer Graphics
  • STA210 Statistics II

Fourth Semester

  • CSC257 Theory of Computation
  • CSC258 Computer Networks
  • CSC259 Operating Systems
  • CSC260 Database Management System
  • CSC261 Artificial Intelligence

Fifth Semester

  • CSC314 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  • CSC315 System Analysis and Design
  • CSC316 Cryptography
  • CSC317 Simulation and Modeling
  • CSC318 Web Technology
  • Elective I

    Elective: Any one
  • Multimedia Computing (CSC319)
  • Wireless Networking (CSC320)
  • Image Processing (CSC321)
  • Knowledge Management (CSC322)
  • Society and Ethics in Information Technology (CSC323)
  • Microprocessor Based Design (CSC324)

Sixth Semester

  • CSC364 Software Engineering
  • CSC365 Complier Design and Construction
  • CSC366 E-Governance
  • CSC367 NET Centric Computing
  • CSC368 Technical Writing
  • Elective II

    Elective: any one
  • Applied Logic (CSC369)
  • E-commerce (CSC370)
  • Automation and Robotics (CSC371)
  • Neural Networks (CSC372)
  • Computer Hardware Design (CSC373)
  • Cognitive Science (CSC374)

Seventh Semester

  • CSC409 Advanced Java Programming
  • CSC410 Data Warehousing and Data Mining
  • MGT411 Principles of Management
  • CSC412 Project Work
  • Elective III

    Elective: any one

  • Information Retrieval (CSC413)
  • Database Administration (CSC414)
  • Software Project Management (CSC415)
  • Network Security (CSC416)
  • Digital System Design (CSC417)
  • International Marketing (MGT418)

Eight Semester

  • CSC461 Advanced Database
  • CSC462 Internship
  • Elective IV
  • Elective V
  • Elective: Any two

  • Advanced Networking with IPV6 (CSC463)
  • Distributed Networking (CSC464)
  • Game Technology (CSC465)
  • Distributed and Object Oriented Database (CSC466)
  • Introduction to Cloud Computing (CSC467)
  • Geographical Information System (CSC468)
  • Decision Support System and Expert System (CSC469)
  • Mobile Application Development (CSC470)
  • Real Time Systems (CSC471)
  • Network and System Administration (CSC472)
  • Embedded Systems Programming (CSC473)
  • International Business Management (MGT474)