BIM Syllabus

Syllabus of Bsc.Csit program mentioned by Tribhuwan University (T.U)

First Semester

  • MGT201 Principles of Management
  • ENG201 English Composition
  • MTH201 Basic Mathematics
  • IT211 Computer Information System
  • IT212 Digital Logic

Second Semester

  • SOC201 Sociology for Business
  • MTH202 Discrete Mathematics and Its Application
  • MGT204 Business Communication
  • IT13 Structured Programming
  • IT214 Data Communication & Computer network

Third Semester

  • ACC201 Financial Accounting
  • IT215 Web Programming I
  • IT216 JAVA Programming – I
  • IT217 Computer Organization
  • STT201 Business Statistics

Fourth Semester

  • ACC202 Cost and Management Accounting
  • ECO201 Microeconomics
  • IT218 Data Structure and Algorithm with Java
  • IT219 Web Technology – II
  • IT220 Database Management System

Fifth Semester

  • MKT201 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • ECO202 Macro Economics
  • IT221 Computer Graphics
  • IT222 JAVA Programming II
  • IT223 Advance Internetworking

Sixth Semester

  • FIN201 Business Finance
  • MGT202 Human Resource Management
  • MGT206 Business Environment in Nepal
  • IT224 Software Engineering
  • IT225 Computer Security and Cyber Law
  • IT351 Summer Project

Seventh Semester

  • IT226 Management Information System
  • IT227 Object Oriented Analysis and Design
  • IT228 Artificial Intelligence
  • MGT203 Organizational Behavior
  • MGT205 Operations Management
  • MGT208 Business Strategy

Eight Semester

  • IT29 IT Entrepreneurship and Supply Chain Management
  • IT230 Economics of Information and Communication
  • IT350 Internship
  • Electives Subjects (Any Two):

  • IT305 Object Oriented Database Management System
  • IT306 Software Project Management
  • IT307 Operating Systems
  • IT308 Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • IT309 Client Server Computing