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    Nepal's Best IT College


Indreni College, a modern college, is established with an aim to significantly contribute to shape the career of +2 graduates in the field of IT and Computing. Indreni College provides BIM, BCA and BSc. CSIT program affiliated to TU.
The college, in fact, is committed to helping students develop skills, knowledge, and attitudes that help them pursue opportunities in IT and Computing. Indreni College understands the advancement of computers and Information Technology which continues to have a profound impact on lives, and addresses the need of technically competent graduates to provide appropriate computing solutions that industry requires.
Besides curricula designed by the University, the college will also teach students soft skills, problem solving skills, critical thinking and industry relevant additional IT courses. Most importantly, the course taught offers both theoretical and practical applications where students are encouraged to apply their classroom instructions. Emphasis is placed on helping students to develop skills, knowledge in technical areas that have practical value in the workplace.
Studying at Indreni College provides its students a combination of leading-edge theory and technical knowledge plus hands-on practical experience to prepare our students for a successful career as an IT professional in Nepal and around the world.

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We aim to teach, train, guide, and motivate students to effectively make their way into a challenging and rewarding IT and computing career.

The mission of the Indreni College is to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research integrated with education. We prepare students to investigate the most challenging, fundamental problems in technology while educating outstanding students to become creative members of society.

Institutional values influences how we make and carry out decisions, and how we interact with internal and external constituencies. Our core values are:

Student's Voice

  • Being, a student of Indreni College I feel very proud as it maintains its high standard in education and discipline. Undoubtedly, Indreni College is one the best IT College. I believe I can achieve my goals from here. Individual care and affection proves I was taken a correct decision to choose Indreni for my important stage of my life. And feel lucky to be INDRENIan.

    Bishal Paudel, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2074).

  • It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I am a student of Indreni College. It has provided me the platform to explore my abilities, skills and help me to develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Excellent, experienced and approachable faculty members, friendly and supportive administration and extensive practical exposure is the asset of this College.

    Ashmita Neupane, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2073).

  • Indreni college has become a distinguished organization to demarcate the bright future of my life. Joining Indreni, I believe, was one of the most rightful decisions. All the students who are confident, self assured, ready for the next steps and mainly who want get success in their life must choose Indreni for career development. 

    Anish Pandey, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2074).

  • I feel radiant to have myself as a student of Indreni College and to be around with qualified, professional teachers who have the work experience of more than a decade in the field of teaching.  Not only in education, Indreni College has stood upfront as the best College in conducting IT Workshops, Events, Seminars and other Programs as well. I feel proud and satisfied to be here.

    Sushil Subedi, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2071).

  • INDRENI COLLEGE is the only place where we can acquire excellence of education with highly qualified faculty members in peace and soul environment. It is a glad moment to be a part of this institution. Studying in this college has provided a lifelong Iearning that I will cherish all the year to come. I definitely recommend it to anyone with the serious interest in BSc.CSIT.

    Aakash Dhungana, - BSc. CSIT (1st Batch 2070).

  • It's an immense pleasure to be a part of creative and friendly environment of Indreni College that has a state of art infrastructures and plenty of resources. The well-equipped labs, workshops and libraries help us to attain the highest standards, academic, research and development, projects and professionals skills.  After persuading this college, I feel, in future I will be responsible, independent and competitive to face the changing technological environment.

    Jenisha Thapa, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2072).

  • It is a truth universally acknowledged that students interested in IT after graduation from higher secondary level are in search of a well reputed and renowned college for bachelor study.There is no doubt that Indreni as CSIT College is a magnificient platform for producing highly skilled manpower in various IT engineering disciplines by providing best quality of education

    Prabin Pathak, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2072).

  • Education is the most powerful weapon which can change the world. After completing +2, it was strain choosing college and course for career. Choosing BSc. CSIT as my career in Indreni College is one of the great decision I have ever made. The teachers here are supportive and have a student focused attitude. This has provided a great learning opportunity for all of us. Hence, I proudly say myself as an INDRENIAN.


    Sulav Poudel, - BSc. CSIT (Batch 2074).

Message From the Principal

Welcome to Indreni College. As the principal of the college, I am proud to introduce you to the outstanding academic program and activities that truly make us an IT College.
The college is committed to build a vital foundation for studying computing and IT. We connect students to the innovative world of IT and computing through modern classroom and practical lab experiences and through innovative educational approaches. Our program is supported by experienced and innovative faculty members, staff and management team who bring their knowledge and expertise. They mentor students in independent projects, guide on their study and help explore subject in depth while exposing students to the challenging world outside. The college offers educational and professional opportunities for students in which they develop in the fields of their interest and prepare to face the next generation of IT and Computing.
If you want a career that gives you the opportunity to be at the forefront of technology with employment opportunities in just about every industry, BSc. CSIT at Indreni College is the best place to start. Thus, I take this opportunity to invite you to visit the college, meet our staff, learn about us and be a member of the college.

Dhruba Babu Joshi